What Rights Do Remodelers Have When Clients Refuse To Pay?

Collecting funds from a client who refuses to pay is an all-to-common problem. Here are insights into some right...and (very) wrong ways to get that last payment.

November 08, 2021
Angry remodeler

In fact, we’ve seen remodelers get so upset that they take matters into their own hands and destroy the property. Although this is the more emotional approach, it’s important to understand where the anger is coming from and why remodelers may have certain questions. 

What are the next steps if the client isn’t taking into consideration the thousands spent or hard work of the remodeler? What are the rights that the remodeler has if they are put in this situation? We caught up with construction specialized lawyer Thomas Croessman to discuss the legal route remodelers can take.

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Respectfully, we are offered 2 ways to recover owed funds. These have been known for over 30+ years. Nothing new here.

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