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What Does the Past and Present of Remodeling Tell Us About the Future?

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What Does the Past and Present of Remodeling Tell Us About the Future?

On this episode of Remodeling Mastery, industry advisor Mark Richardson shares bits of his keynote presentation at The Pinnacle Experience, highlighting different elements that shape the immediate future of the remodeling market

September 15, 2023
remodeling mastery

To kick off the second day of Pro Remodeler's event, The Pinnacle Experience, industry advisor Mark Richardson looked at the last two years and today's environment to predict what will come for the remodeling market's immediate future.

On this episode, Richardson highlights the key points he shared, which answer the question he receives most: What are you seeing out there?

Shutdowns and remodeling booms led way for chaos and quick pivots. The economy then moved toward low unemployment, higher interest rates, and solid home appreciation. Today, consumers are "feral" and demand more, fast.

"Your competition that that you need to be thinking about every day is the consumer. It's their ignorance, it's their fears, and it's there. They're overwhelmed," says Richardson. "So when you're out there selling remodeling today, it's super critical that you go deeper with a client so you really make the relationship with the the decision to move forward with a remodeling project much, much more compared to other elements in terms of their lives and what they're doing."


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