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What is a Deep Energy Retrofit?

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What is a Deep Energy Retrofit?

Model ReModel 2022 will undergo a deep energy retrofit—here's how.

April 12, 2022
deep energy retrofit

Construction is underway at Pro Remodeler's Model ReModel 2022, a custom Victorian restoration by Symbi Homes, who plans to make great strides in improving the energy efficiency of this 140-year-old home. 

Setting their sights beyond the typical weatherization project, Symbi will work to seal the building envelope and install new mechanical equipment with the goal of reducing energy consumption by a minimum of 50%. 

This type of home improvement project is designed to substantially reduce energy demands while increasing conservation measures and making improvements to indoor air quality is referred to as a deep energy retrofit (DER) by the US Department of Energy. 


How are DERs different from a typical remodeling project? 

For starters, deep retrofits require whole-home inspections to identify all potential opportunities for increasing energy efficiency, a stem-to-stern approach that includes using sophisticated equipment to measure the airflow through the house and potential duct leakages.  


Click here to read the full article at the Model ReModel 2022 project site



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