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What Is a Baby-at-Work Program and Can Remodeling Companies Run One?

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What Is a Baby-at-Work Program and Can Remodeling Companies Run One?

Michelle Lamb, owner of Better Home Texas in Austin, discusses how she made the “Baby at Work” policy for young mothers, designing a healthy company culture, and the best platforms to find specific hires.

By Annie Cebulski July 15, 2021
Michelle Lamb Better Home Texas

Michelle Lamb, owner of Better Home Texas in Austin, Texas, spent the first half of her career building up other businesses as a COO, vice president, and principal, to name a few. In 2020, she knew it was time to take a leap of faith and create the company she wanted to see in home improvement… all during the pandemic. 

Against all odds in the beginning and boosted with the meteoric rise of remodeling in 2020, the company thrived and exceeded its 2020 revenue goals. I chatted with Michelle when it was starting out for a feature on women-owned businesses when she was just starting out and was impressed with the company culture she envisioned, so I wanted to check back in and see how it’s going half a year later, and to my surprise, they have a new office team member: one of her star administrative employee’s baby. 

Michelle and I discuss how she made the “Baby at Work” policy for young mothers, designing a healthy company culture, and the best platforms to find specific hires. 

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What is a Baby-at-Work Program?

A Baby-at-Work program, or sometimes called Infant-at-Work, is when companies allow young mothers to bring children up to a certain age to the workplace. Although job sites are not really a place remodelers could allow children, administrative and showroom positions are potential opportunities to test out a Baby-at-Work program, according to Michelle. One resource that she recommends is the Parenting in the Workplace Institute.

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