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Wes Starnes

March 29, 2019


Starnes Construction & Renovation, Jackson, Miss.

2018 Revenue: $400K

Age: 40

Trend Watch: Aging in place is a trend that’s been growing for awhile, but now we’re seeing more 40 and 50 year olds taking proactive remodeling steps to accommodate themselves for later. It’s a lot of widening and installing curbless showers, widening doorways or installing barn doors, and adding extra supports to walls for future hand and grab bars. 

Biggest Challenge: Some days I feel like the ringmaster of a huge circus. But that’s why people hire a contractor. I handle everything for our clients, and they only know a quarter of the fires I put out. Scheduling delays, shipment mishaps, miscommunications, all that happens that’s out of our control—it’s my job to not only handle those problems, but also communicate the impact of them to our clients. 

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