We Ask the PRIME Advisory Panel: What's the Next Big Thing?

This month’s question to our PRIME advisory panel: What’s the next business milestone or trend? What's the next step in your career?

March 25, 2015

This month’s question to our PRIME advisory panel: What’s the next business milestone or trend? What's the next step in your career?


Referrals Lower Lead Costs

I believe that the next big thing to hit the industry will be in the area of products for home automation and products that allow people to age in their own homes. Best-in-class customer service will be the key to referrals, which will continue to help companies keep their lead costs at a level that keeps them profitable.
Chris C. Edelen, President and CEO
Edelen Marketing Associates, San Antonio

Workforce Issues 

People and staffing challenges will amplify as the improving economy drives unemployment lower in the already resource-constrained construction industry. This, coupled with shifting cultural norms of job hopping and employee entitlement, will put pressure on productivity and labor efficiency. Many of us Baby Boomers don’t seem all that adept yet at leveraging Gen Xers, and we are just beginning to learn how to motivate and inspire Millennials. How we handle employee issues will determine our level of business success.
Holly Ollier, CEO
American Exteriors, Denver


Do-It-for-Me Generation

Service, service, service! Maintenance-free products will be the norm because the next generation of homeowners does not consist of do-it-yourselfers.
Emily Lindus, Vice President
Lindus Construction, Baldwin, Wis.


Measuring Up

As I think about the next chapter for my life, I am making a list of all the things that matter to me: a sustainable business; happy Mosby associates thriving and growing in their careers; our adult children pursuing balanced lives; practicing my faith; a loving marriage; good friends; health and fitness. I still struggle with ways to accurately measure success in these areas because I am a constantly changing work-in-progress, just like a growing business.
Scott Mosby, President
Mosby Building Arts, St. Louis



Smart Technologies

Smart-home and smart-thing technologies are currently attracting early adopters, but consumers will soon consider them a standard. These technologies will become must-have features sooner than we think.
Now is the time for us to become involved. Get ready to lead the discussion rather than simply follow it. Arrive with the answers when you ring the doorbell. Don’t wait too long.
Joy Kilgore, President
EBA PRIME, Suffolk, Va. 


The Professional Remodeler PRIME Advisory Panel

PRIME brings together the best-of-the-best minds in the remodeling industry. This premier council of industry leaders sets the trends in today’s economy for tomorrow’s success.

2015 PRIME ADVISORY PANEL MEMBERS: Bill Baldwin, Hartman Baldwin Design/Build; Jay Cipriani, Cipriani Remodeling Solutions; Nick Cogliani, NEWPRO; Chris Edelen, Consultant; Sal Ferro, Alure Home Improvements; Tom Kelly, Neil Kelly; Joy Kilgore, EBA PRIME; Rob Levin, Statewide Remodeling; Emily Lindus, Lindus Construction; Gary Marrokal, Marrokal Design & Remodeling; Scott Mosby, Mosby Building Arts; Bill Simone, Custom Design & Construction; and Joe Smith, LeafGuard Exteriors of Central Iowa.

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