Vinyl Siding

Vinyl meets the needs of homeowners who want paint-free low maintenance and remodelers who want long-lasting products that install quickly.

November 30, 2000

Vinyl -- a product used to make goods ranging from record albums to women’s clothing -- dominates the replacement market. Homeowners, exhausted from the effort and expense of constant repainting, look for long-lasting durable materials that can still provide curb appeal. Vinyl meets their requirements. Vinyl also stands up to the demands of remodelers, with new products that resist fading, warping and wind damage better than previous generations of vinyl siding. Not only do these products last longer, they install faster, with enhanced laps and improved nailing hems.

"About the mid- to the upper-60 percent of the vinyl siding market is going into remodeling," says Darvin King, senior vice president of sales, marketing and distribution for Revere. "We’re seeing a trend towards upper-end and super-premium products."

These super-premium products include more color choices and enhanced resistance to UV-related color fading. Siding products will also resist wind damage due to reinforced nailing hems, which won’t tear when battered by heavy winds. Additionally, these enhancements add to the product’s appearance. "Bigger locking systems not only increase rigidity, they result in better shadow lines and more curb appeal," says Jeff Peskowitz, vice president of marketing for Alcoa.

Product offerings have also become more expansive as homeowners replace wooden siding with vinyl. Manufacturers are continually improving vinyl’s resemblance to real wood, and they’re also adding cedar shake and scallop panels to their lines. "You can use [cedar shake panels] for decorative trim or for whole house applications," says Barbara Dennis, director of marketing for Certainteed siding.

"Gable areas are typical places to add half-round panels. Another decorative option is using a color that contrasts with the main body of the house siding." According to Rob Long, LP’s marketing manager, this trend is further developing to include starter strips and corner beads, as well.

"There’s a demand, and remodeling customers are asking for vinyl," says John Carp, Georgia Pacific’s national product manager for vinyl. "Vinyl installs over just about everything, it’s easy to install, and there’s no need for painting."

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