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Victor Mezhvinsky, 38

A son of refugees goes from working summers in the factory as a kid to owning a multimillion-dollar construction business.

April 05, 2021
Victor Mezhvinsky, 38


FORMA Construction / San FranciscoVictor Mezhvinsky, 38

2020 Revenue: $14 Million

Leveraging Hardwork and Courage:

My parents are refugees from the USSR. They arrived in 1979 and my dad worked in a machine shop before he eventually started one of his own. Growing up I spent all my summers and school breaks working in that factory, doing everything from sweeping floors to running CNC machines. I never developed a love for the work, but it did teach me that I wanted something that was my own. In 2006, a friend and I decided to redevelop a home in Noe Valley we bought for $1.25 million. My dad thought I was crazy when I told him I was quitting my job for it.

I spent a year begging banks and got 22 “no”s. But the 23rd said “yes.”

The next year the market crashed and suddenly banks weren’t giving out construction loans. I spent a year begging banks and got 22 “no”s. But the 23rd said “yes.” In 2010, we sold the place $3.35 million. It was the beginning of Forma, now 13 years in business. 

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