The Ultimate Outdoor Oasis Begins with NyloDeck

September 23, 2014

Nestled on the shores of Lake Keowee, S.C., the wraparound deck on this custom home features NyloDeck in Saddle Rose.

Nestled on the banks of Lake Keowee, S.C., the O’Bryan family’s custom vacation home is a tranquil haven for relaxing and entertaining. The family took special care in designing the home’s outdoor living areas to take advantage of breathtaking views and surrounding woods. The goal was to seamlessly extend the home’s indoor comforts to the outside.
“We knew that our outdoor space needed to start with a strong, yet low-maintenance deck,” said Joe.  “Since we planned to include a fireplace, a full kitchen, an entertainment system and lots of furniture, we wanted to select a great-looking, durable material that felt solid underfoot.”
A neighbor first suggested NyloDeck as a decking option during the O’Bryan’s early planning stages. Months later, the couple saw NyloDeck at a local home and garden show and started investigating it.
Eco-Friendliness and Performance Attributes Pique Interest
The O’Bryans became more intrigued with NyloDeck when they learned it was made using recycled carpet fiber. NyloDeck is impervious to moisture and insects, and provides greater strength and rigidity than other composite materials. The unique material composition also allows for more creative design options and savings in time and materials.
In addition, the O’Bryans were impressed with the product’s extensive third-party testing and notable product warranties. NyloDeck utilizes advanced coating technologies perfected in the automotive industry to create a deck board that boasts long lasting durability, superior UV protection, and scratch resistance. 
“Durability and scratch resistance were major selection factors for us. We knew we would do a lot of entertaining, and didn’t want to worry about people dragging heavy furniture around the deck,” said Joe. “We have great peace of mind, knowing that NyloDeck’s composition makes it long-lasting and resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and fading.”
A Natural Look Seals the Deal
With all the elements of nature and trees surrounding the home, the family was thrilled to find a material that resembled the look of authentic wood. The surface of NyloDeck features unique patterns, grains, and colorations. Just as with natural wood, no two NyloDeck boards look exactly the same. 
“I’m really picky when it comes to having things match. Some of the other composites looked fake and I didn’t want that for our deck.” said Joe’s wife, Marjorie. “When we saw the NyloDeck sample, it looked beautiful and matched the wood paneling surrounding the home,” she continued.
NyloDeck’s six popular color options complement an array of architectural styles. The O’Bryans selected the color Saddle Rose, which offers a perfect blend of warm mahogany with undertones of deep cherry. 
“We entertain a lot, and people always ask about the decking!  We’ve had several guests actually get down on their hands and knees to touch the product, because they can’t believe it isn’t natural wood,” said Marjorie. “I’ve already recommended NyloDeck to friends. It’s a low-maintenance, green product that’s beautiful and strong!”

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