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Transparent and Authentic Customer Service

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Transparent and Authentic Customer Service

April 25, 2023
Client Holding Cell Phone

Marlimar Mobile offers the Home Improvement Industry’s the most comprehensive and integrated Commercial Texting program that delivers productivity with sales lead and client communication.   With a 99% read rate, text message has proven to be the most effective method to elicit consumer response and Marlimar’s transparent approach lifts the chances of successful interaction in multiple ways.  Simply put, companies can meet the client Where and How they communicate, on the cell phone.

Integrating with CRM and other systems like lead aggregators and call dialers, Marlimar’s in-house technology team enhances its client’s technology stack by delivering customized AI Automations that cater to Home Improvement Companies process.  “It really is about listening and learning about our client’s process, then customizing our platform and using our creative Technology team to develop an evolving technology”, explains Andrew Martin SVP New Services at Marlimar.  “Our larger clients tell us that we do more creative integrations than any other provider, they continue to expand texting services to Increase Sales, Impact Productivity and Improve Customer Communication, while smaller clients get access to an enterprise technology at an affordable price.” 

Marlimar is not just a technology department enhancement, customer facing employees like call center attendants and marketing professionals are using this platform in many creative ways.  “I love Marlimar!  I loved it when I started as a scheduler, I loved it when I was a confirmer, and I love it now as the Call Center Manager.”, says Cassie Lambrecht of Tundraland.   

With over 10 years of delivering Home Improvement Communication, the experts at Marlimar have seen many changes and improvements in customer communication.   “Meeting the consumer in an Authentic and service driven manner is critical”, explains Martin.   “This is a regulated form of communication.   The TCPA, FCC and Carriers are determined to keep text message from turning into spam.  So Marlimar, as an expert service provider, manages Registration and Campaigns for our clients.  It’s part our service delivery to make sure our client’s texts are delivered.”  Martin adds,  “In fact, new 10DLC (10 Digit Long Codes) rules have given companies a chance to be more Authentic and Real to consumers.   Our client’s phone numbers are their identity as caller ID numbers.   We want to make sure they don’t come across as spam.  They have to be real to the consumer.”


To schedule a demonstration or have a deep dive technology conversation with Marlimar simply visit www.marlimar.com.  

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