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Top 100 Products for 2021: Software

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Business Tools & Software

Top 100 Products for 2021: Software

Products from Adobe, Houzz, Hatch, Ingage, JobTread, Surefire Local, Leap, Revit, MarketSharp, Breezy, 1build, Hearth and improveit360. 

By Pro Remodeler Staff July 22, 2021


1. Adobe

Adobe DocuSign eSignature is a virtual tool for obtaining a client’s signature on a proposal, design agreement, or addendum. The document is sent via email to the clients, with an indication of where to electronically sign. The document automatically updates in the cloud and is pushed to the next person. Once all parties sign, Adobe sends out an executive document to everyone. It’s primarily a sales tool for contracts, but designers can use it for documenting design plans and cabinet runs. 

Houzz 3D floor planner

2. Houzz

The Houzz Pro 3D Floor Planner and Mood Board tools help designers, builders, and remodelers share their vision and align with clients on key project decisions early in the process. With the Floor Planner, pros can create 3D interior schematics. Mood Boards showcase a project’s look through products, colors, and inspiration photos. It helps clients understand how products and colors will come together. 

Hatch app

3. Hatch

Made specifically for the home improvement space, Hatch’s Rehash tool is a messaging platform that targets potential clients who have previously received a sales demo, canceled a meeting, or visited the website but didn’t purchase service. Rehash interacts with compatible CRM systems and builds daily text message campaigns based on set criteria. 

ingage software

4. Ingage

The Ingage Suite helps a company’s sales team close more deals with powerful presentations. Users easily
build interactive sales presentations with their text, images, and videos that are viewable from any mobile device. They can quickly create a new presentation or import an existing file (making edits-on-the-go possible) as well as track and manage sales materials using built-in analytics, and more. 


5. JobTread

JobTread’s new, easy-to-use software for the construction industry helps builders, remodelers, and contractors manage all their business processes, from pre-construction to project completion. The easy-to-use platform creates a central location to manage jobs, teams, documents, photos, finances, customers, vendors, subcontractors, and more. Its budget-first approach is designed to create financial transparency at every project stage, mitigating risk and ensuring projects stay on time and on budget. 

surefire local

6. Surefire Local

Surefire Local’s update to its mobile app for iOS and Android provides small business owners with a cost-effective, easy-to-use tool to manage their digital and traditional marketing efforts. It helps control and strengthen all facets of lead generation and reputation management. With real-time insights into company performance, owners can quickly respond to a new lead, send a review request, post a reply to a review, and more. 

Leap software

7. Leap

Earlier this year, Leap gave an exclusive sneak peek for the Pro Remodeler community: the next version of the Leap Platform. Leap is a subscription-based software that home service contractors use to digitize their businesses, including digital contracts, estimates, documents, financing, and more. Integrating with top home-improvement software, Leap eliminates redundancies and errors that slow down a company’s sales process and brings everything together in one place. 

revit software

8. Revit

Designers can use Revit to communicate plans to clients by generating exterior and interior views from various directions. Giving 3D properties and characteristics to anything from partitions to windows to furniture is a powerful tool in making productive and quick decisions that not only save time but can help provide savings during construction. 


9. MarketSharp

MarketSharp is a CRM that documents the customer journey. It offers templates for email and text communication that businesses can customize to fit their needs, and client communications are automatically sent when scheduled through action-based triggers in the system. Team members can use MarketSharp on a tablet or phone to pull up appointment info, pictures, contracts, measurements, costs, and more. MarketSharp also has a support team and online chat.


10.  Breezy

With Breezy, an in-house hiring platform, companies can avoid paying a high recruiter fee. Instead, companies pay a software fee. Once an account is set up, there are roughly four stages to using Breezy. First, a company will create a job description. Then, it will create the position in Breezy and assign hiring managers, who are the team members that will receive notifications. After this, companies can select where you will advertise such as LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter. Finally, candidates start moving through a customizable funnel that keeps track of the hiring process via an internal scorecard. 

build1 cost estimator

11. 1build

1build is an on-demand cost estimating service that creates accurate cost estimates for contractors so they can win more bids and grow their businesses. Estimators manage the process on a remodeler’s behalf, keeping prices consistent with the rates of local suppliers, fluctuating material prices, and unpredictable labor rates. 1build’s estimates account for every nut, bolt, and screw in your project plans so you’ll never miss the scope.


12. Hearth

Created specifically for the home improvement industry, Hearth’s flagship financing product enables its customer base of contractors to quote projects as monthly payments in real time instead of one lump cost, which the company says removes financial barriers for many homeowners facing renovation or repair costs. Contractors can also use the platform to send digital invoices, collect payments, and obtain general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. 


13. improveit360

A comprehensive sales, marketing, and business software solution, improveit360 is built exclusively for remodelers and contractors to help businesses run better. The system streamlines lead management, sales meeting scheduling, emails, quotes, jobs, and gives a complete 360° view of everything. Access improveit360 anywhere with mobile access from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. There’s no software to buy, no hardware to add, and users can additionally take advantage of success coaching, training, and business advice.

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