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Top 100 Products for 2021: Mechanical, Electrical, and Technical

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Top 100 Products for 2021: Mechanical, Electrical, and Technical

Products from Moen, Panasonic, Bauco, Air King and Sanicom 1. 

By Pro Remodeler Staff July 22, 2021

local mode flo by moen

1. Moen

With the new Local Mode for Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, contractors can protect against leaks in an ongoing project without WiFi and while they are offsite. By connecting to the home’s main water line, the Smart Water Shutoff analyzes the pressure and flow rate within the home’s water supply system to detect leaks or pipe bursts. If the Smart Water Shutoff detects a leak in the home’s main water line, it will automatically shut off the water to prevent water damage. In Local Mode, the device only needs pressurized pipes and AC power to function 24/7, according to the manufacturer. The system can also include Flo by Moen Smart Water Detectors, 3.5” sensors that can be placed in areas of the home such as the basement that are susceptible to water damage. The battery-operated sensors can help identify when and where water is leaking.

panasonic cosmos healthy home system

2. Panasonic

Cosmos Healthy Home System by Panasonic is the first connected healthy home system that helps remodelers address homeowners’ biggest concern: their family’s health. The system intelligently monitors indoor air quality around the clock and manages four harmful indoor toxins such as volatile organic compounds, fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide, and humidity. If unhealthy or contaminated air is detected, sensors automatically activate the system to return air to healthy levels. Cosmos is the only system that effectively combines all of the home’s ventilation fans, including the range hood to form one complete IAQ system.  It works automatically and discreetly to remove contaminated air and moisture from a home, filter recirculated air, and draw in fresh, filtered air from outside.

Bauco access panel

3. Bauco

Bauco’s customizable access panels are flush to the wall with no visible hardware or hinges. Instead, they open with a mechanical touch-latch. The system also features a safety wire on the panels to keep them from falling during installation. The panels can come in custom sizes, with some large enough that a whole air conditioning unit is accessible. The insert panels come like blank canvases and can look like whatever surrounds them. You remove the inner leaf, add the substrate, sand it down, and then custom finish it to match the surrounding area onsite.

Air king exhaust fan

4. Air King

Air King’s Energy Star certified deluxe quiet exhaust fan solutions provide quiet ventilation solutions for a home’s bathroom, laundry room, or other areas needing powerful, energy-efficient and effective ventilation. The fan’s round duct connector with damper protects against backdrafts, and models with an integrated humidistat sense the humidity level of the room and automatically turn on the fan to maintain the preferred relative humidity.

saniflo pump

5. Saniflo

SANICOM 1 is a product ideal for the toughest wastewater pumping installations, according to Saniflo. It can resist water temperatures up to 194°F and is specially designed to withstand liquids with highly acidic properties, such as wastewater from processing applications. The powerful, 1-horsepower motor and a non-clogging impeller design allow the unit to pass laundry lint and other small solids up to ⅜” in diameter.

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