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Top 100 Products for 2020: Tools & Equipment

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Top 100 Products for 2020: Tools & Equipment

Products from 1Shot, Benjamin Moore, DAP, Dunn-Edwards, Emtek, Sherwin-Williams, Wooster, and ZipWall.

August 10, 2020

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1. 1Shot

Screwing drywall into metal studs can easily strip standard screws. But 1Shot’s conical design causes the stud’s metal to curl up around the 3.5-inch-long fastener as it’s being displaced. Once in place, 1Shot provides a load and weight capacity of up to 300 pounds per anchor. Using 1Shot is a simple three-step process: find and mark the center of the steel stud, drill a small pilot hole, and screw the 1Shot anchor through the drywall and into the steel stud.

2. Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore announces its Color of the Year 2019 (Metropolitan AF-690, a stylish gray with cool undertones) and its Color Trends 2019, a corresponding palette of 15 harmonious hues. The Color Trends palette ranges from ethereal neutrals to frothy pinks to rich blues and greens. Offering residential and commercial paints for any project, the company’s portfolio includes 3,500 colors and is found at Benjamin Moore paint and decorating retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

3. DAP

DAP’s Tank Bond adhesives, Thread Stopper and Liquid Grip, promise to keep screws and fasteners secure and their drives deep and defined. Thread Stopper is a gel-like coating that applies to a threaded screw and absorbs shock and vibration to keep the screw secure. When applied to the drive of a screw, Liquid Grip provides easy, instant grip between a screw and bit, then wipe away easily. DAP’s Tank Bond line also includes Threadlockers (permanent and removable) and Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy.

4. Dunn-Edwards

Announcing its 2019 Color of the Year, Dunn-Edwards describes Spice of Life (DET439) as a strong, enticing, spice-market blend that adds a complex seasoning to design palettes. The elements of orange lend a grounded, substantial feeling to design. The company notes the current movement toward more earth-inspired color, calling Spice of Life a global, rich, spicy hue. It can look organic and natural, or moody and sophisticated.

5. Emtek

All of the home’s door and cabinet hardware was supplied by Emtek. Each item is custom-assembled according to the customer’s specifications and shipped to order. There is no predetermined combination of knobs, levers, rosettes, and finishes; customers can mix andmatch according to their taste. The company has a variety of metals, design styles, and finishes to choose from.

6. Sherwin-Williams

For 2019, Sherwin-Williams has unveiled new, on-trend color collections specific to key markets. The 23 new palettes cover new residential, commercial, multifamily, healthcare, hospitality, education, and homeowners associations. The four palettes in the new residential collection are Rustic Comfort, Cosmic Radiance, Sophisticated Floral, and Nostalgic Brights. The palettes were created to provide professionals with an easy resource to help them use the latest color trends in every type of project.

7. Wooster

Wooster’s relaunched Mini-Koter line features a new look and several new items. This mini-roller system makes it possible to paint in tight spaces such as behind radiators, pipes, toilet tanks, or anywhere a brush or full-size roller won’t reach. The line now offers six fabrics in 4” and 6” sizes, sold as bagged two-packs and clamshell 10-packs. Choices include Shed-Resistant, High-Capacity, Microfiber, Mohair Blend, Foam, and High-Capacity Yarn.

8. ZipWall

With ZipWall’s new Dust Barrier PassThrough, there’s no need to tear a dust barrier or use any kind of tape when putting a duct hose through it. The PassThrough, a plastic hoop that clamps over a section of barrier, attaches to the poles that hold up ZipWall’s Dust Barrier so the poles are carrying the weight of the hose, and can accommodate up to a 12-inch hose. And once the job is complete, the barrier isn’t left with an unsealable hole — with the nylon sleeve, the barrier can be completely sealed.  

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