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Top 100 Products for 2020: Mechanical, Electrical, and Technical

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Top 100 Products for 2020: Mechanical, Electrical, and Technical

Products from Aria Vent, Chameleon Power, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., Garaventa Lift, Hide-A-Vent, Leviton, LG Electronics, LiftMaster, Mitsubishi Electric, Modern Forms, Napoleon, Rinnai America Corp., and Weil-McLain.

August 7, 2020

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1. Aria Vent

Aria Vent has four air vent models: the Aria OG, Aria Lite, Flushmount Pro and Drywall Pro. Aria OG, Aria Lite and Flushmount Pro can be installed anywhere: floor, wall, or ceiling. The OG and Lite must be installed after the surface material is installed, while the Flushmount Pro must be placed prior to the surface material. The Drywall Pro (shown), like its name indicates, is compatible with drywall only, and as such, is suitable for only walls and ceilings. 

2. Chameleon Power

Chameleon Power’s Photo+Measure is the industry’s first photographic visualization and measurement tool. The user can upload a photo of the house into the tool’s interface, and apply color-accurate materials to the roof and/or siding to more easily visualize new materials and colors. It also provides users with accurate measurements from just a few photos. Users can also drag across an image to compare different products and colors, without having to change screens or programs. 

3. Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.

The re-engineered Floating Air Pro and Floating Air Premier ductless systems by Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. now feature FastPro, which makes ductless installation and maintenance much simpler. FastPro is a major time-saver because the interior unit’s blower wheel and drain pan module can be removed and reinstalled as one component rather than needing to take a home’s system down for a day while maintenance is performed.

4. Garaventa Lift

The elevator is an Elvoron model from Garaventa Lift. These elevators have been designed for smooth, quiet, and reliable operation. The Elvoron comes in standard and custom sizes, as well as with a wide selection of wall panel materials, colors, and finishes, including metal fixtures in a choice of brushed or oil-rubbed finishes. Sliding doors comply with the new elevator safety code. 

5. Hide-A-Vent

The newly patented Hide-A-Vent is a customizable cover that can be installed to a home’s siding, including clapboard, shingles, and vinyl. It allows air or gas from appliances and fans to be expelled while removing the need for unattractive vents or hoods. Made in the U.S. of ABS plastic, it comes in two sizes: Model A disguises dryer vents and bathroom ceiling fans; Model B fits microwave hoods and most residential kitchen hoods. 

6. Leviton

The Leviton Smart Load Center brings smart, trackable tech to the electrical panel, connecting the full energy infrastructure to the internet. The system can be monitored via the My Leviton app, and, as a result, can lessen the amount of time users spend standing at the panel, troubleshooting breaker issues. Users can monitor circuit status through the app and can turn any breaker off with just a tap. Alerts can be customized, data and insights are provided on all individual breakers, and the app breaks down a home’s average energy costs and consumption patterns into detailed insights. 

7. LG Electronics

LG Electronics Air Conditioning Technologies’ variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology minimizes efficiency losses, provides sustainable energy savings, and offers some of the lowest lifecycle cost of any system on the market today. It’s a mini-split system with two super-quiet outdoor units. Indoor units consist of an Art Cool Gallery (a decorative wall-mounted indoor unit) and Art Cool Mirror (a stylish indoor unit with a charcoal mirror finish), as well as ducted indoor units that each serve multiple registers.

8. LiftMaster

The new LiftMaster 85503 garage door opener provides full-spectrum security via a wide-angle 1080p camera and two-way audio. After downloading LiftMaster’s myQ Mobile App, homeowners can use their phone to open and close the door, to see who’s coming and going, and to talk with people in the garage. The unit also comes with a battery backup and a belt-drive for quiet operation.

9. Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US introduces the SLZ-KF four-way ceiling cassette. Available in 9K, 12K, 15K, and 18K BTUH, it offers flexible airflow with two, three, or four-way vane control. Homeowners can personalize the settings. Improved indoor air quality and reduced operating noise are possible. The optional 3D i-See Sensor allows the unit to monitor a room’s occupancy to provide even temperature distribution and energy-efficient operation. Designed for simplified installation. 

10. Modern Forms

Modern Forms unveils its Nirvana Smart Fan. Powered by a DC motor, it runs smoothly and quietly. Connect it with the company’s app to create schedules and integrate with smart-home devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and Samsung SmartThings, as well as smart thermostats like Nest and ecobee. Its energy-efficient LED luminaire is powered by WAC Lighting. Additionally, Nirvana’s DC motor runs with 70% more energy efficiency than traditional AC motors, according to the firm. 

11. Napoleon

Napoleon announces its new Oakville Series of gas inserts. The models include Oakville 3, Oakville Glass 3, Oakville X3, and Oakville X4. The series has an “H” style burner to distribute flames across a log or glass firebox; can be customized with optional faceplates and backer plates; and is easy to install and service. Features include 24,000-40,000 BTU; faceplates in 2.5- or 5-inch widths; and top-quality heat circulating blower is available (included in GDIX4, shown).

12. Rinnai America Corp.

Rinnai America Corp. has expanded its presence in North America with the launch of the I-Series Boiler. The unit gives homeowners the ability to simultaneously heat their residence and produce domestic hot water. This technology includes a bypass servo valve for precise control of hot-water temperature. Available in combi- as well as heat-only models, the boiler comes standard with multi-zone heating control, and offers ease of installation and service.

13. Weil-McLain

Weil-McLain announces its expanded line of high-efficiency gas boilers for residential and commercial applications. Offering easy maintenance, simple controls, optimal performance, and durability, the line includes the Evergreen stainless-steel condensing boiler in six sizes, designated most efficient by Energy Star; Ultra Series 4 corrosion-resistant boilers in six sizes with nanotechnology coating; GV90+ high-efficiency cast iron boiler line in four sizes, exceeding Energy star requirements; and AquaBalance Series 2, the cold-weather combi.

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