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Top 100 Products of 2016: Roofing

Products from ATAS, Atlas Roofing, CertainTeed, Drexel Metals, Green American Home, Inspire Roofing, and Ply Gem Roofing

August 24, 2016

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Steel Roof Shingle

Offering the benefits of metal roofing with the appearance of dimensional shingles, the Advanta Shingle by ATAS is stucco-embossed steel in 1-foot-by-3-foot panels that cover twice the surface of an asphalt shingle. Metal resists pests, algae, and mold and is durable, recyclable, and lightweight. ATAS uses special technology to create nine unique prints that visually enhance the depth of the panel. Available in eight standard colors. 

Roof Underlayment

Featuring a soft-surfaced polyester face that allows for direct-to-deck application, Atlas Roofing’s WeatherMaster PolySea​l is a tough, slip-resistant self-adhering roof underlayment engineered for metal roofing, providing a resilient barrier to storm damage, UV degradation, and moisture. Engineered to retain exceptional thermal stability—it has a 260°F melting point—while also offering cold-temperature adhesion. 

Solar Panels

Each 12-pound panel of the Apollo II Solar Roofing System’s 60-watt monocrystalline panels from CertainTeed features open space underneath to allow for quick and simple wiring. The slim profile creates a clean integrated look. The roofing systems achieve a 110 mph wind resistance rating and can be installed on new or existing roofs, with black frame, cells, and backsheet to blend with roof shingles. Each module weighs only 12 pounds, about the same per square foot as a asphalt shingles. CertainTeed also offers Apollo Tile II to work with flat concrete tiles.

Metal Roofing

Drexel Metals offers any number of mechanically seamed metal roof and wall systems in a variety of profiles that can accommodate many roof configurations and architectural styles from low to steep slope. Available in an abundant range of finish choices. Drexel Metals uses recycled material in its roofing components, which are themselves recyclable at the end of their life. Drexel also offers photovoltaic laminates that can be applied to a roof’s surface to capture solar energy to reduce electricity bills.

Slate-Look Steel Roofing

The Centura Steel Roofing System from Green American Home offers the beauty of slate in a durable steel product manufactured as a four-way interlocking system with non-exposed fasteners. The installed roof weighs a fraction of what slate would. Available “speed trims” can reduce installation time by 20 percent or more, according to the company. Centura comes in eight colors and offers a 40-year manufacturer warranty. 

Synthetic Slate Roofing

The Aledora Slate V-Series (varied width) from Inspire Roofing is an economical, lightweight ½-inch-thick slate-look polymer roof tile that’s available in four widths: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches, which can be installed in a non-repeating straight or staggered pattern. The defined edges and subtle color variation seen in every tile creates a natural look. The product features a Class A fire rating, 110 mph wind uplift rating, Class 4 impact rating, and a lifetime warranty.  

Engineered Cedar Shakes

Ply Gem Roofing’s Engineered Cedar looks like hand-split wood, installs like asphalt, and is primarily made of recycled materials. Durable, moisture-resistant, and fire-resistant, the roofing is designed from hand-selected, milled cedar shingles, which are laser-engraved into molds. Available in Weathered Gray and Warm Brown color families. Engineered Cedar is available in multiple widths. 

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