Top 10 from Allison Bailes in 2015

Energy Vanguard blogger Allison Bailes picks ten of his best from 2015

December 31, 2015
Energy Demand Duck Curve Graph

Allison Bailes picks the ten "best and most interesting" topics in 2015 from his Energy Vanguard blog. The list includes some truly amazing duct work—and we mean that in the "duct disaster" sense—a story summarizing Building Science Corporation research into what happens inside fat walls, plus a story about the "duck curve," which is pictured above and has to do with energy production and not ducks (except the graph kind of looks like a duck). The number one article on his list is one he hadn't written yet but he's promised to post it today, possibly by the time you read this. Here's the compelte list:

10. My New Favorite Duct Disaster

9. The Layers and Pathways of Heat Flow

8. California Mistakes Put Spray Foam Insulation on the "Bad List"

7. Introduction to the Physics of Water in Porous Materials

6. Green Builder Coalition's WERS - Water Efficiency Rating Score

5. Nest Thermostat Data Unveiled at ACI Conference

4. Winterizing Your Home? Don't Caulk the Windows!

3. Is This the End of the Double-Wall, Cold Sheathing Scare?

2. Electricity Demand and the Duck Curve

1. To be announced on New Year's Eve (check the bottom of the page)




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