Tools: Reciprocating Saw Blade Review

August 21, 2015

Spyder products is known to create accessories that don’t look traditional. When tool reviewer David C. Smith tried the Spyder 3x3 reciprocating saw blade, he saw the bright yellow paint of the blade wore off quickly.

“Despite the aesthetic displeasure, the blades continued to cut with no noticeable drop in performance,” he writes.

Smith was impressed by the blade’s ability to effectively cut in three different ways—traditional top down cut, reverse cuts, and plungecuts—despite all the dust it leaves behind.

“Is it really like buying three blades in one? Eh, probably not. You’re still likely going to toss the blade when you’ve reached the end of life with the bottom teeth,” he writes, adding that “there is some additional value in knowing that you can make the reverse and plunge cuts if you want to.”

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