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Tools & Equipment

Canvas on iPhone

This innovative product brings 3D-renderings from your phone without extra attachments. 

A Clean Cut: A Look Into Surgery for Table-Saw Related Injuries

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Fingers reattached at a good facility are 80 to 90 percent successful, but that doesn’t include all of the people who are not candidates for the surgery.

The Cutting Edge: A Look at Flesh-Sensing Technology in Remodeling

What is flesh-sensing technology, how does it work, and will it become the new standard for power tools?

An example of using Chief Architect's Room Planner digital libraries

This app helps you take measurements for making as-built drawings for estimating, as well as create 3-D renderings to help homeowners visualize the project

The Hover app helps calculate siding measurements


The Hover app uses algorithms modeled on technology in military use, to transform images taken on an iPhone into detailed measurements of every exterior surface below the roof.

These digital tools can help make the sale and get the project started sooner

The  new Flir One turns your smartphone into a thermal imaging camera. 

This entertaining video is well worth the 5-minute run time.

The manufacturer claims that the new battery, which is compatible with all of its 18v cordless tools, increases charge capacity by up to 45 percent

Well-known construction author and trainer Gary M. Katz reviews SawStop’s Portable Jobsite Saw

Bad Dog Tools is beefing up its Rover Bit, a patented 6 inch long bit that can drill vertically and cut horizontally. 

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