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Tony Hirsch

March 29, 2019

Vice President

Building Company No. 7, Nashville, Tenn.

Age: 38

Attracting Millennials: Over the past few years we have created a multifaceted approach to attracting great people from within the industry but also from nontraditional paths. For example, we have leveraged accounting staff professionals to train and fill needed estimating roles, and we have created mentor and training relationships with public and private job placement programs. Nashville’s Opportunity NOW program has enabled us to introduce to the industry more women, minorities, and inner-city youth that may not traditionally consider the trades a viable employment option. 

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How do I contact this man?

Call him at his new company Artisan Build Construct or Email: info@artisanbuildconstruct.com

The kindest word I can think of for this human is sleazy. His mislead, misinformed and made inappropriate and lewd comments to me on several occasions. Yuck.

Tony is one of the hardest working men I know. My team has the privilege to walk along side Tony
and the rest of the incredible Bldg Co 7 team daily. He personally puts 200% into whatever he is actively
engaged in. The client who work with Tony often say, I know our remodeling project is in the best hands
with Tony leading the way.

One of Tony's biggest cheerleaders!
Laurie Guzman, President
The Inside Story LLC

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