Toilet Market Offers Performance and Design

Today's toilets balance high performance and low flow rates with stylish, sleek design. 

sponsored | June 15, 2018
Gerber Avalance Elite toilet

As homeowners continue to invest more and more into their homes, and in specific to create beautiful bathrooms, they expect every aspect of it to meet their standards for design – including their toilets.

“People expect high design,” says Kevin McJoynt, vice president of marketing for Gerber and Danze by Gerber. “They don't want to sacrifice and have an ‘ugly’ or non-descript toilet in their highly designed, beautiful bathroom.”

While consumers on the hunt for the perfect toilet might think they’ll have to choose between performance and style, one look at today’s toilet market tells a different story.

With the innovations from manufacturers over the years, there’s no shortage of toilets available today that offer both impeccable design and stellar performance. McJoynt says recent standards put in place by manufacturers, along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program that labels toilets with low flush rates — and a minimum performance requirement — are helping to ensure more toilets perform well while conserving water.

As more consumers are becoming conscious about being “green” and state governments are increasingly regulating water use, having a toilet that’s built to perform while using less water is a key concern today. “And, some of the lowest flow-rate, highest performing toilets can be the most stylish,” McJoynt adds.

Gerber Avalanche Elite

When looking for the right toilet, McJoynt recommends consulting with a plumber and checking for the WaterSense certification logo. He also suggests seeking out toilets with a 3" flush valve, a 2" glazed trapway, and a dual siphon jet – other product features that can impact the performance.

As for what’s trending today, McJoynt says one-piece configurations with no gaps or seams between the bowl or tank are popular, as they provide a sleeker, cleaner look. The seamless design means one-piece toilets are generally easier to clean. He adds that toilets with a concealed trapway are also a common choice for those looking for a cleaner, more streamlined style.

McJoynt says Gerber has always focused on performance, but the design of its products is also setting the company apart.

“After all, toilets can be be­­autiful too,” he says. “Bathrooms have become beautiful spaces within our homes, hotels, commercial settings, and other applications. Why stop the design and style aspects of a project at the toilet?”

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