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Tips for Conducting Process Review Meetings

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Tips for Conducting Process Review Meetings

On this episode of our Women at WIRC podcast, hear insights into applying lean thinking to your processes 

April 6, 2023
diana pauro
Diana Pauro

Women at WIRC · Diana Pauro | Rebel Builders

Diana Pauro loves process. The founder of Rebel Builders in Newton, Mass. brought much of her passion for process from the construction industry in Argentina. One way she improves process at her company is through applying lean thinking.

We welcome Pauro this Women at WIRC podcast episode, who talks to us all about how she runs lean process meetings, which involve every team member and concludes with leaner, more efficient project timelines.

Listen to hear how she keeps her team on track, encourages employees to open up, stays on time, and uses visuals.



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