Time Management for Salespeople

Sandler sales trainer Chip Doyle takes a page from his new book to explain how to avoid five time-wasting behaviors

January 07, 2016
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Doyle understands that everyone would like to have more time to get everything done, but he also knows that everyone has developed habits that rob them of time they could be putting to better use.

The first will be familiar to most remodelers: Don't waste time chasing after people who will never buy from you. You know who they are, you just don't want to write them off on the off chance you're wrong about them. You're not wrong, so cut bait early before you waste valuable time you could be spending with someone who wants to buy from you.

Other tips include:

  • Always be ready to close the deal on the spot.
  • Make a firm appointment on the first call to avoid phone tag.
  • Build enough time into sales appointments with good prospects.
  • Do busy work on off hours, leaving business hours free for the important stuff

There's lots more in Chip's new book, Selling to Homeowners the Sandler Way. and more sales tips in the Sales Minute.

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