Think you know about insulated siding?

April 07, 2011

How is CraneBoard® Solid CoRe Siding® different? Take the Solid CoRe™ Challenge now to find out and earn a $25 gift card!

When it comes to siding, the most energy-efficient choice is insulated siding – now recognized by the International Energy Conservation Code as a form of continuous home insulation that helps reduce thermal bridging.

So are all insulated siding products the same? No! There are important differences you should know about. Discover the many ways Solid CoRe Siding is straighter, stronger and smarter.


CraneBoard Solid CoRe Siding offers superior foam density, bond strength and moisture management for a beautiful, energy-efficient exterior.

To learn about molded foam vs. wire cut, bond strength, impact resistance, moisture management and more, take the Solid CoRe Challenge today: a quick, online tutorial and quiz that outlines everything you need to know about the leading insulated siding – CraneBoard Solid CoRe Siding by Exterior Portfolio® by Crane.  

More homes have CraneBoard Solid CoRe Siding on them than any other insulated siding. So learn from the experts: take the Solid CoRe Challenge today! You’ll receive a $25 gift card just for completing the challenge. And you’ll discover how to make your next siding project beautiful AND energy efficient.

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