Technology: What will the Surface Pro 4 Be Like? 10 Rumors Are Put to the Test

May 04, 2015

Should you buy a Surface Pro 3 or wait for the Surface Pro 4? (Mac users avert your eyes.)

Microsoft's Surface tablet series is popular among PC users because of its compact size and the fact that (except for the first-to-launch RT) it is a complete Windows 8 machine. Even as Surface Pro 3 ads are making the rounds, rumor has it that the Surface Pro 4 is just around the corner. Some say that could be this month, others say the launch will coincide with the release of Windows 10 in the fall.

There is lots of anticipation surrounding the new hardware, and also lots of questions. Will the new Microsoft tablet-notebook hybrid use a new processor? Will it have solid-state storage? Will there be enough RAM for video editing? Will the keyboard come with or have to be purchased as an accessory?

For some – but not all – answers, go to Digital Trends.

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