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Tamara Rice, 31 

A Forty Under 40 winner shares the popular movie that sparked her interest in design and architecture.

April 05, 2021
Tamara Rice


Kitchen Design Concepts, Owner of Lynn Brook Studio / Dallas Tamara Rice

Design, Under the Tuscan Sun: 

My love of interior design began at a young age, traveling through Europe with my family. I was submerged into art, architecture, and design at such a special age that I knew early on where I was headed, and to remain focused on that path.

I want to build things that will stand the test of time. Design today is so safe. Every time I go to Italy, I feel like I come back a better designer.

At the age of 13, I discovered “Under the Tuscan Sun,” which was instantly my favorite movie as well as my formal introduction into creating a life as a designer. In the film, the main character renovates a villa in Tuscany. To this day that movie plays a huge role in my life. Every year I try and travel to that same small town in Tuscany, visit that same villa—submerge myself in the art, culture, and design there. I come back reborn. I come back a better designer.

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