Tablet and smartphone usage trending upward

How remodelers use their tablets and smartphones for business.

July 08, 2013

As mobile technology continues to become more prevalent in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that remodelers are embracing this technology as a business tool to seamlessly connect the office and the jobsite.

In our most recent tablet and smartphone survey conducted in the spring of 2013, 63 percent of remodelers who responded indicated they own a tablet computer and use it in their business. This trend continues to rise, compared to the 51 percent who indicated they owned a tablet in the technology and smarthphone survey conducted by Professional Remodeler last fall.

We asked our readers to suggest apps that were not listed in our tablet and smartphone survey that may be of use to remodelers. Below is a list of apps

they recommend:

Bluebeam Revu

Chief Architect

Construction Cost Estimator





Google Drive


Office Suite Pro


Quick Office



SoftPlan reView




You can find these apps, and dozens of others, in our App Center on

Of the 37 percent who indicated they do not own a tablet, 58 percent of these respondents indicated they are considering purchasing a table for their business. Nearly 50 percent of non-tablet owners expect to purchase a tablet within the next six months, 60 percent expect to purchase a tablet within the next year.

The iPad keeps the top ranking over the majority of the tablet market in the remodeling industry, but that percentage is losing ground. Sixty-four percent of remodelers who own a tablet indicated they own an iPad. This is down from the 74 percent that indicated they used an iPad in 2012, and down from the 84 percent in 2011.

The Android tablet continues to gain market share in the remodeling industry, accounting for 19 percent of responses, up from the share indicated in 2012.

As for usage, 80 percent of respondents indicated they use their tablets for both personal and business functions. Web browsing, email, sales presentations, field operations, and office operations lead the business-use functions by remodelers. Over 90 percent of remodelers have downloaded apps for their tablets; the most popular apps include AutoCAD WS, Contractor Forms HD, Handyman Calculator, Home Design 3D, our own, and SketchBook Mobile.

How remodelers use smartphones

When asked how they use their smartphones, 86 percent of remodelers indicated they use their smartphones to access the Internet, up from 77 percent in the 2012 survey, and 71 percent in the 2011 survey.

Remodelers continue to use their smartphones to access email, product information, and social media, each of which has been the most popular response in the last three tablet and smartphone surveys. Additionally, 78 percent of smartphone users in our survey have downloaded apps, up from the 67 percent tallied in 2012. The most popular apps downloaded on smartphones are AutoCAD WS, Handyman Calculator,, LumberCalc, MagicPlan, Parallam + Deck Beam Sizer, Sketchbook Mobile, Square, and Ultimate Estimator. PR

Methodology and respondent information

This survey was distributed in May 2013 to a random sample of Professional Remodeler subscribers. No incentive was offered. A total of 165 eligible readers responded. Respondent breakdown by discipline: 29 percent building/general contractor who does remodeling; 29 percent full-service remodeler; 23 percent design/build remodeler; 6 percent design firm; 3 percent home repairs; 3 percent kitchen/bath specialist; 2 percent exterior remodeler; 1 percent insurance restoration; and 4 percent “other.”

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