Strategic Marketing for Contractors

June 17, 2015

Construction business coach Shawn McCadden offers advice on new ways for contractors to do their marketing so they can attract their desired customer and job types.

“Take advantage of the timing,” McCadden writes. “The economy and residential construction are both picking up.” Though many construction industry professionals McCadden spoke with agree that they are not yet confident about the pace of the current surge’s sustainability, McCadden still thinks it’s “a good time to take advantage of the surge to concentrate on developing market share in a strategic way.” Hence, specializing in one narrower field or expertise may be a good thing.

But being different comes with pros and cons, he says. “If you decide to use [this] example strategy many prospects will go away. However, the ones that see value in your differences will become cogs in your new referral generating machine.”

Read the full story on Schawn McCadden’s The Design/Builder’s Blog.

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