Special Section: Weather the storm, features and videos

How to prepare your business for the next big weather event.

September 05, 2013


Weathering the storm

The business impact big storms have on remodelers and home-improvement companies.

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Research: Storm-related work generating opportunities

Most remodelers who respond to storms find business booming despite associated risks.

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How to prepare your business for the next big storm

Remodelers offer tips and recommendations to prepare your business for the next big storm.

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Big-storm insurance restoration, how the pros do it

Property restoration after a weather event can be a catastrophe for your company?or a revenue windfall.

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Hitting home, how one contractor faces Hurricane Sandy

Though G&L had no prior experience with insurance restoration, David Caputo successfully navigated the muddy waters of Hurricane Sandy remodeling. He did it by determining what work not to do, as well how to meet the expectations of insurance companies.

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Shelter your profits from the storm

In a recent poll conducted by Professional Remodeler, more than half of the remodelers who responded said they have dealt with large volumes of storm-related repairs and remodeling.

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Stand out in the crowd

How to assure owners and adjusters that your local company is a good choice for storm-related work.

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7 tips for dealing with insurance companies

How to ensure your clients get a fair settlement so they can return to their repaired home quickly.

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Catastrophic cases

Contractors share how they navigated their business and clients through the most extreme weather events of the past few years.

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In the eye of Hurricane Sandy

How Alure Home Improvements managed its business during Hurricane Sandy while also helping employees and Long Island residents with recovery.

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Minding the storm chaser

The difference between opportunists and legitimate contractors starts with visibility.

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Remodeler's Exchange: Is your business storm ready?

Professional Remodeler?s Tom Swartz talked with Dan Bawden and Stephen C. Gidley about how they prepare their businesses to handle storm-related projects, manage clients, and deal with insurance companies.

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David Lupberger examines disaster mitigation and remodeling

Jon Vogel, president of the New Outlooks Construction Group Inc., in Robbinsville N.J., experienced the effects of Hurricane Sandy firsthand when he and his partner Anthony Cammallere of T&K Contractors, Freehold, N.J., lost their shore-based business.

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Laurence Carolan, GCP, CR, owner of the House of Laurence

Laurence Carolan, GCP, CR, owner of the House of Laurence was interviewed by Professional Remodeler in the Summer of 2013 in Long Island, N.Y. Carolan responded to calls from numerous homeowners that needed emergency help following Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Ultimately, many of the homeowners ended up hiring Carolan for long-term remodeling in projects. In this series of videos Carolan discusses a number of topics related to Hurricane Sandy including:

Jimmy Quinn, construction consultant, Alure Home Improvements

Jimmy Quinn, construction consultant at Alure Home Improvements and a resident of Amityville, N.Y., was a victim of the flooding from Hurricane Sandy. His home, located less than a mile from the shoreline, experienced a storm surge of more than 3 feet in his home. Without the help of his company, Alure Home Improvements, Quinn may not have been able to return to his home just six months after the storm. In this series of videos with Professional Remodeler discusses a number of topics including:


Sal Ferro, president and CEO of Alure Home Improvements

Sal Ferro, president and CEO of Alure Home Improvements, recently sat down with Professional Remodeler to discuss how his company and employees were impact ed by Hurricane Sandy. In these exclusive videos, Ferro offers tips on how to prepare your business for the next big storm and on how business differed before and after the storm, and much more including:


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