Special Section: How to prepare your business for the next big storm

Remodelers offer tips and recommendations when it comes to preparing your business for the next big storm.

September 04, 2013

We asked remodelers for some tips and recommendations when it comes to preparing their business for the next big storm. Here is some of what they had to say:

?Be prepared to spend a large amount of time on estimates and dealing with homeowners and insurance adjusters.?

?Buy generators and extra equipment and supplies before a storm.?

?Make sure your estimating system is tight, so you can capture all the categories of expense that are involved. Protect yourself with clauses that allow additional charge if something is found above and beyond the norm.?

?Have a battle plan in place so that everyone knows what needs to be done and is prepared.?

?Have a game plan prior to storm.?

?It always takes longer, more meetings and never take on more than what you think you can achieve. Pass up jobs that you might feel don?t meet your expertise or joint venture with another contractor who may be better at certain parts.?

?Line up normal, solid business. Take on only what will not harm or affect the rest of their business because then you risk having two sets of dissatisfied customers. Don?t be ?hungry? to book more total dollars. The most important thing to your company is profit, not all the work that you can do at a loss. Don?t cut corners. Don?t cut profit and margins.?

?Make sure that you are covered on job cost and the insurance company has seen all the damage, and if hidden damage is found after repairs are started, so that when they are contacted they respond quickly as to not slow or stop a job by not readjusting their estimate.? PR

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