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2001 has the potential to be a very productive year for remodelers.

March 31, 2001
Alan Hanbury, CGR, 2001 Chair, Remodelors Council Board of Trustees

.During Remodelors Night Out at the NAHB International Builders Show, I officially took the reins of the Remodelors Council from Jan Williams, CGR. She had an opportunity to speak about her beginnings in this business, on a train trip to the National Convention back in the ’60s. I spoke about my own roots, as the grandson and son of homebuilders, who were both active in their local associations. I spoke proudly about the honesty and integrity of my recently deceased father, his commitment to volunteering in the community, and his example of giving back to the industry that provided his family with a living. Many in the audience came up after to relate the closeness of their own circumstances to mine.

I spoke from the heart about my dad and this business because I love the daily challenges of running our business. Each passing of the Remodelors Council gavel is the occasion for a renewal of energy, talent and commitment. I also mentioned to the crowd that "I might need your forgiveness" once in a while during my time as Chair.

I would like to ask the forgiveness of our generous sponsor of Remodelors Night Out at the Omni Hotel. Caught up in the emotion of the event, we made an unfortunate oversight. I intend to correct this oversight as best I can on this page. On behalf of Jan Williams, CGR, our Board of Trustees, staff, members, friends and industry partners assembled that night, I extend heartfelt thanks to CertainTeed Corp. for their generous sponsorship of the Remodelors Night Out. CertainTeed, you see, is also giving back to the industry and to us. The evening was a great networking opportunity, with good food and drink, and a unique view - all provided at no cost to those attending.

Thank you, CertainTeed, and I apologize for not thanking you personally from the podium. I hope that the readers of this magazine realize how important it is that they support the companies that give back to the industry, so that we can all celebrate and renew our commitment to the remodeling industry and the Remodelors Council of the NAHB.

In the coming year, I hope to lead the Council to new heights in membership, driven by new and better services, such as education opportunities, with more member-reviewed publications, RemodelAmerica and the flagship Remodelers Show seminars, electronic offerings, and expanded CGR and PREP opportunities. The Council will speak as the recognized authority in the professional remodeling industry by providing economic data through the Remodeling Market Index now under development by the NAHB’s well-respected Economics Department. These activities will be supported by greater media penetration, press conferences, interviews, Internet-based resources and more.

I ask your support - and, again, sometimes your forgiveness - energy and heart to move forward during my short turn at the helm. I promise you my voice, my integrity, my heart, and most of all my time, to bring forward an agenda that is best stated by the name on this magazine, Professional Remodeler

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