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She Was a Teen Mom. Now, Greta Bajrami Runs a $6.5 Million Roofing Business

Greta Bajrami, CEO of Golden Group Roofing, shares her journey to home improvement, tips for hiring the right team, and her vision for the future of roofing. 

April 06, 2021
Greta Bajrami

Greta Bajrami is the CEO and founder of Golden Group Roofing. She is a true entrepreneur: While working as a roofing foreman, she saw an opportunity to bring more customer service to the roofing industry and dove headfirst into creating her own company to fill that need. But even before she was a CEO, she was no stranger to learning on the fly as a first-generation Albanian immigrant and young mother.

We’ll learn her tips and tricks for managing stress and building self-confidence, hiring the right right-hand man or woman, and finding innovative ways to leverage technology in the home improvement industry.

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Thanks to Greta for joining me on the podcast, and to all of you for listening. A link to more information about Golden Group Roofing is in the show notes. 

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