Secrets of the Young Leaders

An inside look at the favorites, personalities and opinions of the 2009 Professional Remodeler Young Leaders

December 31, 2008
  Bruce Case Ben Thompson Michael Anschel Allison Iantosca Robert Birner Michael Tenhulzen
Favorite movie A Beautiful Mind The Power of One Amelie The Thomas Crown Affair (remake) Rudy Tommy Boy
First car Puke green Pontiac Toyota Tacoma Maroon 1976 Plymouth Volare Toyota Celica hatchback 1968 MGB 1956 GMC step-side pick-up
PB&J or grilled cheese? PB&J Gourmet grilled cheese Grilled cheese on rye Grilled cheese, with mustard and mayo PB&J Grilled pepper jack with ham
Person I'd like to meet Santa Claus Lincoln Joan Miro Michelle Obama My grandfather on my father's side My guiding angel
Blackberry or iPhone? Prefer iPhone, but have a Blackberry Palm Centro Blackberry for work, iPhone for fun iPhone iPhone Blackberry
Coupon clipper or sky's the limit? I'm cheap Have a budget to reign in the sky's the limit in me Sky's the limit Sky's the limit! Sky's the limit Sky's the limit
Blue jeans or business suit Blue jeans Business suit Blue jeans Business suit Blue jeans Blue jeans
  David Powers Dwight Sailer Andrew Wells Warner Cruz Amie Riggs Swarts Tyler Wood
Favorite movie Fight Club Lonesome Dove Blazing Saddles Crimson Tide The Usual Suspects Rudy
Favorite animal African spiny mouse Rocky mountain big game My 4 lb. Maltese Monkey Dolphin English bulldog
First car A totally restored 1972 Camaro 1967 Chevy step-side pick-up Olds Delta 88 1973 baby blue Chrysler LeBaron Black 1987 Honda Prelude 1981 Chevy Citation
I was ______ in a former life A philosopher A New Brunswick salt-water fisherman An accountant Fighter jet pilot Therapist Rugby player
Early riser or night owl? Night owl Early riser Both Early riser Eary riser Early riser
Person I'd like to meet Samson My great-grandfathers Jesus Elvis Marilyn Monroe My grandfather on my mother's side
I'd rather be Mother Theresa or Donald Trump A more spiritually conscious Donald Trump Heart of Mother Theresa, guts of Donald Trump Neither Mother Theresa Mother Theresa Mother Theresa

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