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Customer survey scores from five top remodeling firms prove it's possible.

August 31, 2003


In a service industry, customer satisfaction is the key to profitability. It pays to know if your customers are happy. Your employees might tell you so, but maybe they're covering up a mistake. The customer might tell you so, but maybe she is too nice to tell you how she really feels. (Then again, maybe not.)


Survey Says:

Basic Satisfaction Statistics
Overall average
Under 50
Overall 2002
NRS Index
Overall satisfaction
Willingness to recommend
The NRS Index score is reached by adding overall customer satisfaction to customer willingness to recommend. The 2003 results show better performance by companies doing fewer than 50 jobs.

This is where the customer survey comes in. A lot of remodelers survey their customers after a job is completed, maybe even a second time a few months down the line. Still, it's tough to tell how good is good enough. (Is it ever?) To make the results as useful as possible, you need to benchmark your remodeling firm's customer satisfaction scores against those of other firms.

That's why Professional Remodeler and NRS Corp., a Madison, Wis.-based research firm, bring you our second annual national homeowner satisfaction research study. The following pages reveal the customer service strategies of Tri-Lite Builders Inc., which scored the best in this study, in addition to top scorers in the under-50 and 50-plus annual jobs classes. The results of the study continue in Scoring Points With Customers.


Tri-Lite Builders

NRS Diamond Award, NRS First in Class, Under-50
Plekkenpol Builders

NRS First in Class, 50-Plus
Bowa Builders

NRS Excellence in Class, 50-Plus
HoBart Builders

NRS Excellence in Class, Under 50
Teakwood Builders

NRS Excellence in Class, Under 50

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