Sales: Ask These Questions, and Prospects May Lose Their Respect for You

April 27, 2015

Sales keynote speaker Jill Konrath calls them “Gotcha Sales Questions” — prompts sellers use that for some reason are still being taught as effective technique, though Konrath argues they should be avoided like the plague.

These questions are ones that are asked early in the conversation, designed to get prospects to pre-commit to an action that they otherwise might not take, such as “If I could show you a way to solve that problem, could we do business today?” or “If you like what you see in the [drawings, presentation, demo], is there any reason we couldn’t go ahead with the sale?”

According to Konrath, many potential clients find this question inappropriate, which leads them to give a waffling response to avoid being rude while not agreeing what was asked. She also says that these questions make the seller feel more like a huckster instead of a valuable resource, and potential clients can lose their respect for the business.

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