Safety: Closer Scrutiny of Contractors by OSHA

If your workers aren’t wearing fall protection gear, might as well put up a poster asking OSHA for a fine

May 05, 2015
Safety: More Scrutiny on Mass Contractors from OSHA Emphasis Programs

According to OSHA data, there has been an increase in injuries and deaths in the residential construction industry. This spring building season, expect more scrutiny.

“OSHA says the industry has many small employers who are unfamiliar and often non-compliant with the OSHA required standards,” writes contractor and business coach Mark Paskell.

Pay particular attention to employees working more than 6 feet off the ground, and be sure that all subcontractors are using fall protection gear and guard rails, and are using ladders properly. It is also a good idea to provide additional training for all employees about OSHA requirements and safety measures.

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