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Ryan Cullinen

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Ryan Cullinen

April 14, 2022

VP of Sales and Pre-Construction

Allen Construction

Santa Barbara, Calif.

What started as a love of building has evolved into a career of consultative sales, team building, and business management. I came up through the carpentry path, but I immediately was interested in understanding the business side of things.

Best innovation: The typical bid-build model is a bit archaic. Plans progress until permits, then homeowners ask for bids—that’s a horrible model that forces contractors to be vague to increase their chances. The typical design-build process is a better deliverable, but we’re not that as a company. What I have done is heavily try to mimic a design-build process and use our architectural community as partners. That allows us to sell for each other. It’s no longer bidding for free and seeing what happens.

Business book recommendation:

How to Be a Great Boss

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