The Robot That Can Build a Full-Size House in Two Days

July 01, 2015

Engineers in Perth, Australia, have developed a machine that can create the brick framework of a property in just two days, Gizmag reports.

The brick-laying machine, named Hadrian, after the Roman emperor who built the wall that marked the northern border of Britannia, can work about 20 times faster than a human bricklayer. Its top laying speed is 1,000 bricks per hour, which is the equivalent of building 150 homes a year.

"The Hadrian reduces the overall construction time of a standard home by approximately six weeks," Fastbrick Robotics CEO Mike Pivac told Gizmag. "Due to the high level of accuracy we achieve, most other components like kitchens and bathrooms and roof trusses can be manufactured in parallel and simply fitted as soon as the bricklaying is completed."

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