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R.L. Connelly & Sons

A snapshot of R.L. Connelly & Sons

September 04, 1999

R.L. Connelly & Sons

  • Location: Decatur, Ga.
  • Type of company: Full-service remodeler and custom home builder
  • Staff model: 3 office, 1 field
  • Annual jobs: 62
  • Workweek: 55-60 hours
  • Bio: Bob Connelly and his brother, Keith, began working in construction as teens when their father went into the home building business. Bob studied architecture at Georgia Tech and then rejoined the family company. R.L. retired 10 years ago. Bob does most of the sales and estimating; Keith focuses on production management. A CR and CGR, Bob has held NARI and NAHB offices on the local, regional and national levels.
  • Key to success: "We came up in this industry believing that you need to do what you say you're going to do," says Bob. "We treat our customers as we would want to be treated. [Sustaining that ethic has produced] one of our biggest pluses -- a tremendous client base going back years and years."
  • Contact information: 404/636-5990

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