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Remodeling Mastery: What Will Stick + Interview with Michael Anschel

Mark Richardson analyzes what industry changes are here to stay post-pandemic.

November 25, 2020
Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

2020 has been a year for the books, for the better and for worse—mostly for the worse. But the remodeling industry has undergone transformations that may stick around long after the vaccine distribution. In the latest episode of Remodeling Mastery, host Mark Richardson analyzes what will and won't stick post-pandemic. In the second half of the show, Richardson chats with Michael Anschel, President of OA Design + Build + Architecture, about how a growing focus on healthy environments may spark increased interest in green building. 

 “There’s more attention and interest being vocalized now,” says Anschel. “People are very hyper-aware of the materials that they bring into their house and are going to be living with them–and they want their homes to be healthier in general.” 

Listen to the podcast to hear the full interview.

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