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Remodeling Mastery by Mark Richardson: Culture Changes

Mark Richardson shares his insights on the changes in company culture right now and chats with Brian Gottlieb, CEO and president of Tundraland, about the challenges his business has faced during the pandemic.

August 20, 2020
Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

In the latest episode of Remodeling Mastery by Mark Richardson, the show's host and namesake shares strategies that will keep you from falling behind the curve as the pandemic brings changes to the remodeling and home improvement industries. Homeowners are changing the way they think about their homes, and by extension, how they're evaluating and relating to their remodelers. But it's not just the client that's changing–how team members evaluate the work environment is transforming as well. Richardson gives insights on how he sees the client, marketing, virtual relationships, work environment, and the business changing now and in the near future. 

"Customers have hunkered down for quite some time now and this has led to changes in how they think about their home and how they evaluate remodeling companies," Richardson says. "Homeowners want to find and develop a relationship with their remodeler. They also highly prioritize health and safety."

In the second half of the show, Richardson chats with Brian Gottlieb, CEO and president of Tundraland, to discuss how Tundraland's culture is changing and how the business is grappling with the pandemic's challenges.

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