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PVC Problem Solved: Trim Solutions QuickTrim System

A trim system that solves one of PVC’s main challenges

October 13, 2017

Polyvinyl chloride, known almost exclusively as PVC, is a material remodelers have long prized for its applicability as an exterior trim. In terms of price, durability, and how easily it can be both painted and cleaned, PVC is an optimal choice for exterior trim. “It’s impervious to moisture and insects, so it will not deteriorate; it holds paint longer than wood because it has no moisture content; and because the product is sealed in production, a simple wash with a hose will keep it clean,” says Trim Solutions’ general manager Chris White. 

The only issue is the install, which the aptly named Trim Solutions believes it has a solution for: its QuickTrim System.

Typically, using PVC trim means having to drill holes in its face to fasten the trim, which means further plugging, caulking, and painting, if you want the trim to look good. QuickTrim requires, quite literally, none of that. “We use a starter strip on one edge that is embedded in the board so you don’t see it on the face,” White says. “During installation, it’s removed and fastened to the wall. The PVC then slides into the starter strip, and the nailing flange, on the opposite side, gets fastened to the wall.” The setup allows remodelers to install the trim without having to disguise or hide the fasteners.

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