Pro's Picks: ZIP System Liquid Flash

For confidence that your building envelope is fully air- and watertight

October 02, 2018
liquid zip system flashing ensures air- and waterproofing

Bryan Beavers

Owner, Bryan Beavers Construction

Oklahoma City, Okla.




I’m always looking for products that can improve the quality of our jobs without creating too much extra work. 

Huber’s ZIP System products have been great for that, but I especially like the Liquid Flash liquid-applied flashing membrane. Since we’re using the ZIP System sheathing on about 75% of our jobs, we were happy to hear that Huber created this product as an alternative to the ZIP System Flashing Tape and Stretch tape. As soon as it hit the market, we tried it, and haven’t gone back. The Liquid Flash fully seals the envelope, especially in corners and other tight places where it’s more difficult to get flashing tape to lay flat. And once it’s on, you can tell that envelope will stay air- and watertight.

Our framing crew still uses flashing tape when it makes sense, but we’ve found we get a better application with Liquid Flash. It doesn’t necessarily save us time compared to the tape, but it is absolutely more efficient in terms of achieving a complete seal. At around $29 for a 20-ounce tube, it’s higher priced than similar products we’ve seen, but we stand by the belief that a better quality product is worth the extra money. 

Switching to Liquid Flash gave us the confidence we need to ensure clients they’re getting a fully air- and watertight building envelope. And being able to do that benefits our company long after we finish the installation.

It bonds to most building materials, cures quickly, and is waterproof from the moment you apply it. 

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