Pro's Picks: Thermasol Steamshower System

Pre-assembled control packages make building the steamshower system kit really easy

October 25, 2018

Justin Schuder

Owner, J&M Remodel 

Seattle, Wash.




When we’re gutting a bathroom and the client wants a steam shower, we always suggest ThermaSol systems first. 

We’ve been offering ThermaSol products for about six years, and they’ve grown in popularity with our clients over time—in part because our team does a good job promoting it, and in part because our clients realize that even though they’re paying a higher premium than other similar systems, they’re getting a product that’s worth the extra cost. 

The generator itself is extremely durable, whether you choose the mid-level or premium residential model, and the company offers pre-assembled control packages to make building the steamshower system kit really easy. A high-quality generator is important, but what really sells our clients are all of the various add-ons. 

Homeowners have a choice of five options for control packages, ranging from the basic MicroTouch Kit to the Ultimate Steam Shower Package. That one has a light, sound, and rain steam head. It also allows users to control the system using their Wi-Fi connection.

The website includes a handy tool for the remodelers or builders installing the system, where you can enter the shower dimensions, choose all your add-ons, and come up with a final price for your client. 

The systems don’t come cheap. A standard generator plus the basic steamhead and control system costs around $3,500. 

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