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Pro's Picks: Rousseau Table Saw Stand

October 03, 2018

Nathan Rinne

Owner, Rinne Trimcraft

Eldon, Mo.




The first time I saw the Rousseau portable table saw stand (Model 2780) was on a job where another carpenter was using his. I was using my Bosch GTS1031 with the factory stand that, for the custom work I do, seemed to always fall short. We chatted, and he said it was the best purchase he’d made since going into business 20 years ago. Much to my delight, I found a model to fit my saw, ordered it on the spot, and nearly four years later am still using it every day.

At the heart of any table saw is its fence—often the bane of jobsite models. With their clunky design, limited rip capacity, and tendency to lock out of square, factory-provided fences are often inadequate for anything beyond rough framing. 

The Rousseau stand replaces these with a T-square-style fence that uses a cam lock for a more accurate and securely locked fence. Once you’ve squared it to your saw, it does well at holding itself there: I haven’t had to re-square mine since the initial set-up. The stand also increases rip capacity from 18” to 30”, great for breaking down sheet goods. 

The improved fence coupled with the optional outfeed table helps create a more efficient jobsite. Now I can safely and accurately rip 4x8 sheets by myself, and ripping long boards is easier, thanks to the continuous support of the outfeed table. Gone are the days of my roller stand falling over mid-cut, or having to flip a long board end-for-end to safely cut it. 

If you do high-end finish work, or just need a better portable stand option, get a Rousseau. You’ll be glad you did. 

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