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Pro's Picks: Rehash by Hatch

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Pro's Picks: Rehash by Hatch

A messaging platform that targets potential clients to prevent leads from slipping through the cracks.

By Pro Remodeler Staff February 17, 2021
Hatch Rehash
This article first appeared in the February 2021 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Ryan Shutt Southwest ExteriorsRyan Shutt

Marketing Director

Southwest Exteriors

San Antonio, Texas

WE USE HATCH’S REHASH TOOL, a messaging platform that targets potential clients who had previous demo sales, canceled meetings, or website visits that didn’t result in a sale. The product is made specifically for the home improvement space, which is important. I can’t tell you how many vendors or agencies I’ve talked to that are smart but don’t understand our industry. It is a huge time saver on the front end set up in that they speak our language.

Rehash interacts with our CRM system (MarketSharp) and builds daily text message campaigns based on the criteria we have set forth. “A demo, no sale” communication could go out the third day after that to try and re-engage the homeowner. Once that person responds to the personalized text, our rep, who is 100% responsible for Hatch, jumps in to chat back and forth. We deploy those campaigns based on her schedule so that way she can respond immediately.

Texting is a huge benefit because people rarely answer phone calls anymore. With texting, there’s a much higher response rate for us and higher conversion rate. Many times we get a response of ‘Hey, I’m in a meeting. Let me call you back in 10 minutes.’

In 2020, Hatch brought in just north of 600,000 sales based on our estimations.

We’re an $11-million company, so that’s a very healthy percentage of sales for us. The one thing to note is that Hatch is a growing company, so you will work with new people on the team.

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