Pro's Picks: Porter Cable 20V Oscillating Multi-tool

It's like five tools in one, pluse a few more

January 08, 2019

Jesse Dunn

Owner, Complete Home Contracting

Naperville, Ill.





This multi-tool has been my go-to for so long I don’t even consciously make the decision to use it anymore. It’s like my drill or screwdriver: I know I’ll need it on almost any job, so I always keep it within reach.

I’ve used it in place of a circle saw, jig saw, angle grinder, band saw, sanding tool, and more. Some days I’ll be on a job that requires all of those, but instead of lugging around five or more heavy tools, I grab this and go. It saves me at least an hour a day on those big jobs, since I don’t have to go back and forth from the car to the project to swap out my tools.

Cordless is always a huge draw for me, because not only is it one less thing to carry around, but I don’t have to take the time to find an outlet, run an extension cord, and make sure the cords aren’t a tripping hazard on the jobsite. Forgetting to charge it could be an issue, but I use it so often that charging it is now part of my daily routine. 

I’ve used it in place of a circle saw, jig saw, angle grinder, band saw, sanding tool, and more.

Porter Cable’s multi-tool is extremely versatile, but it isn’t designed to do everything—I’ve burned through a couple throughout my career, but I keep coming back. It’s a matter of figuring out what they can and can’t handle. I’ve run into issues trying to cut down a material that’s too dense for the blade or using a blade that’s too dull, but it’s not enough of an issue to deter me. I’d still choose this multi-tool over dragging around a bunch of similar tools any day. 

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