Pro's Picks: Mezzo with Trimworks

This Pro's Pick saves on labor, time, and cost—for both pros and homeowners.

December 16, 2021
mezzo with trimworks

mezzo with trimworksDan Martinak

Operations Manager

Fox Valley Unlimited / Elgin, IL         

Mezzo with Trimworks


The thing we love most about Mezzo with Trimworks is the fact that it’s like having two windows in one. By doing a full tear out and replacement with Mezzo and then using Trimworks, we’re able to give homeowners the benefit of a true full tear out replacement without disrupting siding.

I’ve always felt that a full tear out was the best approach to doing a replacement window, but the bottom line was homeowners frequently didn’t want to pay the additional cost of labor. But now with Trimworks, we can do the full tear out in not much more time than a pocket would be, and the labor is not nearly as expensive for the homeowner. We’re able to get more windows done with the same amount of crews in half the time. Full tear out often needs a siding crew, but Mezzo with Trimworks eliminates a whole trade, and we’re able to just use our window crew. Plus, we don’t have to learn new windows, we can use Mezzo in any replacement application.

And because the two products are a part of the same system, the windows and trim are made of the same material, so there’s no difference in color. For pocket style replacements, the typical way is to cap or put trim on the outside, but even if it’s painted, it looks and reflects differently. But with Trimworks, it’s the same material that they make the extrusion for the window, so it looks exactly the same, like it’s all a part of the window. And homeowners don’t have to worry about caulk or paint for the rest of the time they live in the home.

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