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Pro's Picks: Legrand Adorne Collection

The kind of outlets and switches designers get excited about

May 29, 2018

Howard Hawkes

Designer & Owner, H3K Design

Palm Springs, Calif.




Outlets and switches don’t typically get designers excited, but the Legrand adorne collection absolutely does. The lighting controls and wall outlets in the collection work well and look good doing it, making our jobs as designers much more fun.

We can incorporate adorne products into as many or as few rooms as our clients want. Legrand offers everything from traditional switches and outlets, to touch switches powered by the tap of a finger and pop-out outlets that are hidden when not in use.

It’s easy to switch out one adorne product for another, so if my clients decide later that they want, say, a dimmer instead of a traditional toggle, we can easily make that happen.

Adorne has WiFi-ready options, compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, that let clients connect their lighting controls with other smart home tech. You don’t have to replace all switches and outlets with WiFi models, but replacing even one or two can give you the feel of an automated house without rewiring the whole home.

This collection runs at a slightly higher cost than average outlets and switches, but about half our clients still want them in their homes because of the number of sleek finishes and styles available.

It feels like design trends change almost daily, but we rarely see changes to how lighting controls look. I love that with adorne, we can spice up this typically boring aspect of home design and make choosing switches and outlets fun for the client.

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