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Pro's Picks: Jobber

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Pro's Picks: Jobber

"(Jobber) has more capabilities than we knew how to use at the outset, but the combo of Jobber’s customer service and intuitive software meant it didn’t take long to catch on." 

June 24, 2019
This article first appeared in the January 2019 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Ryaan Tuttle

CEO, RJT Carpentry & Tile; Best Handyman Boston

Boston, Mass.




I founded a handyman business a year ago that’s an addition to my carpentry company. I needed field service software to get both businesses organized. If we wanted to take on almost double our current volume, we needed more control.

It took trial and error with other software—most of which didn’t have the features we wanted—but after a few months of searching, we found Jobber

It has more capabilities than we knew how to use at the outset, but the combo of Jobber’s customer service and intuitive software meant it didn’t take long to catch on. I watched a few videos and made three or four calls to customer service, and was up and running with the software. As a business owner, it feels like you’re regularly stretched thin for time, but I promise, it’s worth the effort to learn all of Jobber’s capabilities. Doing so saved us about 500 hours in one year. 

In the handyman business you can field hundreds of leads a day. It’s easy to spend too much time using multiple software programs to service one client. Jobber eliminates that.

Another huge benefit is Jobber Academy, available to anyone through their website. It provides tutorials for the software and includes articles on topics like industry trends and tips for business success, making it a true one-stop shop. 

There are four different plans, ranging from $20-260/month (though pricing is subject to change), depending on how many users need access. Thanks to its dual function as a CRM and availability on desktop or app, switching to Jobber keeps our whole team, and our clients, easily connected.

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