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Pro's Picks: An Intuitive, Easily Integrated CRM

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Pro's Picks: An Intuitive, Easily Integrated CRM

This management tool helps you track and manage customer relationships and your internal teams

March 29, 2023
monday.com contractor crm
This article first appeared in the March/April 2023 issue of Pro Remodeler.

ryan kellyRyan Kelly


KHB Construction

Modesto, Calif.


Monday.com is a CRM, customer management, and internal team management tool. It can handle a customer all the way from lead intake from your website, you can put it through your sales process, and then the design process and all the way through operations. 

We discovered Monday.com while looking for something more all-encompassing than the CRM we used before, HubSpot. We needed something that had an open API so we could integrate G-Suite, MailChimp, and other outside apps. It was a seamless fit.

Monday.com stood out because they have templates premade for contractors, by contractors. They already had the bones built for you, and then you get to outfit your automations and your own process inside that work that framework.

A key point for us was how intuitive it is because a lot of our team members aren’t as tech savvy. Before with HubSpot, only my marketing director and I could use it. Monday.com is very self explanatory the way it’s set up, so the actual onboarding was really simple. 

In the sales process, it was able to customize my full customer journey into different workflows. So one of the big pros is that our customers are never wondering what happens next due to the integration of Twilio, Gmail, and MailChimp.

I can get all of my KPIs on a single dashboard for sales, design and operations, my close rates, my lead estimate rates, my total leads per month per revenue source like kitchens, bathrooms, full homes—I can break all of those out and get really granular numbers on what our marketing dollars are doing. 

And then with operations, I can see if we’re ahead of schedule, what’s the money percent spent on percentage of completion of the project—we get all of that in a dashboard that’s really quick to see. It keeps us on point, on budget, on time with our customers and projects.


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